The Face of Pinkham Is Ever Changing

"Spotty Blue Sky Over the Wildcat" Photo by Joyce Scott
The Face of Pinkham is ever changing but it is still pretty darn nice out there!  We’ve had cloudy/partly sunny weather for the past two days and little flurries of snow (but no rain!).  Here in Pinkham we have 16 inches at the snow stake and there are 6 inches on the summit of Mt. Washington.  What is tricky is the various layers of conditions out there.  The new covering of snow is glorious but if you have a sunny area you are traipsing through it can be sticky and after overnight freezing, icy!  If you are in a cold patch, you can again find an icy layer on the top of the snow.  And then if you are in an area scoured by the high winds of the last few days, you can still find the glare ice that was there before the snow came down!

That said, everyone still appears to be having just a terrific time in our newly acquired snow mecca!  The John Sherburne trail is in great condition with “nice powder at top and some crusted snow at bottom” (See above explanation!).  All of our backcountry skiing trails are usable and a fair number will be broken out at this point in time.  I can speak personally to Leavitt’s Link up in the Dolly Copp area which my husband and I broke on Sunday…hard work but it was just too amazing a day to turn back!!!  People are enjoying races at Great Glen today and the vast area of trails down at the Jackson Ski Touring, and someone just headed up into the Gulf of Slides! 
Ice climbers seem to be doing more over in Crawford Notch right now as the avalanche conditions have been high up in Huntington’s but today they have come down to moderate so better climbing may be soon in the future.  As always don’t take our word on that!  Look to for the latest report and be prepared to do your own assessments!  Snowshoers abound EVERYWHERE and truly if snowshoeing is your thing, this is probably the best conditions I have seen for it in years!  Still check on river crossings as before the snow many were open water and glare ice, but other than that there is good snow coverage all around!
"Clouds Over Gulf of Slides" Photo by Joyce Scott
We currently have patchy sun here in the Notch!  The temperature is 33* F and the wind is only 5 mph!  Thursday looks just as nice so sneak out before the weekend and come visit us in the North Country!  Call 603-466-2727 for Reservations at the Joe Dodge Lodge and to join us for our “Cuisine of Argentina” International Dinner tonight!!!
Happy Hiking!
Joyce Scott
Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham Notch Visitor’s Center

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