Winter Wonderland!

It’s a winter wonderland out there!  After the past few days of constant snowfall, the mountains are covered with fresh powder.  So far in Crawford Notch, we have a total of 19 inches of snow.  Today the skies are clear, the sun is shining, and the trails and peaks are glistening.  The temperature is warmer today than it has been but temperatures are supposed to drop as the evening sets in and the clouds move in too.  But the cloudiness is a good sign!  It looks as if we can expect more snow to come!  Weather forecasts are showing a good chance of snow for the next few days with calm winds and Monday looking similar to today. 

Having a blast on a guided hike to Ripley Falls!
            Trails in the notch are relatively packed but there are still lots trails that have yet to be tracked out and explored.  Today and the next few days beyond will be good for first tracks so make sure you’re prepared with snowshoes.  Today, the snowshoeing is fantastic! Trails like Ripley Falls and Mt. Willard offered some great views with the clear, sunny skies.  There is almost no wind here in the Notch which makes today prefect for an outdoor adventure on our trails. 

The cross country skiing should be good as we have had enough constant snowfall the past few days for the trails to stay relatively fresh and groomed.  Good gliding conditions.  Alpine skiing has good, fresh snow in the mornings but with the amount of people coming through right now, the alpine trails become increasingly slick and icy so get in there early!
In the next few days the Highland Center if offering some great guided programs like hiking up Mt. Willard, nature walks, snow shelter building, night hikes and Nordic ski tours which will all be prefect with the current snow conditions.  If you would like any suggestions for a snowshoe trek or for Nordic skiing then come on and stop by or call the Highland Center.  The next few days will have great coverage for winter excursions so come and join us in our winter wonderland.
 To make a reservation for the Highland Center please call 603-466-2721 or visit!  

Mitra Karimian
Adventure Guide
Highland Center

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