Blue Skies and sunshine!

Today, for what seems like forever, I saw a sliver of blue sky poke out from the thick, grey clouds.  The sky has been a dreary grey with overcast of clouds for days now but it seems like we have some sunnier and warmer days to come.  This made for an awesome sunset this evening which caused the some of the Highland Center staff and guest to flock outside and to the windows.

Tomorrows forecast predicts the temperatures to be in the mid-forties and sunny. Although the warm weather isn't great for the snow, it will be nice to know that the sun is still hanging around.  This should make tomorrow a great day for views.  We have some popular views here in Crawford Notch with include elephants head and bugle cliff for shorter hikes and the Webster or Willey range for longer, more difficult hikes.  A favorite would have to be Mt. Willard in terms of views here in the notch.  It’s a total of 3.2 miles with 900 ft of elevation gain and the view from the top is phenomenal.  You can see all the way down the notch, over to the Willey and Webster ranges, and get a good view of that classic U-shaped glacial valley.
View from Mt. Willard with Dante from boy scout troop 272
Mt. Willard (on the right) and Mt. Webster (left)

Mt. Willard a great hike for beginners, children, and the experienced alike.  Just remember that the temperatures will be higher than they have in a while for the next few days so we might be seeing more of the mashed potato snow during the high of the day and icy patches as it cools overnight.  Most of our hiking trails are well packed but as it warms in the day and cools at night the snow is probably going to flip flop from soft to crusty and icy.  Make sure to come prepared with flotation for the lower elevation hikes and other traction like micro spikes or crampons for higher elevation hikes.

The past week the hike and ski conditions have been great.  We had a few inches of snow fall almost every day this past week which kept the trails covered nicely with powder and not much wind.  The Nordic trails over in Bretton Woods have been great, especially in the mornings with the fresh few inches of powder and most of the trails have been open as we have nice coverage of snow.  Our snow stake has hovered around twenty inches all week.  We’re all pretty sad that the winter storm hit south of us but once again, it will be nice to see the sun again after so long.                                                                                                            

Adventure Guide Jerome with a boy scout troop 272
So if you want to come and enjoy the sun with us here at the Highland Center, come on over and sign up for a guided hike with me up Mt. Avalon at 9:00 am which will offer some outstanding views of the Notch and part of the presidential range or come for some snow shelter building at 3:00 and help us build a fortress.  Hope everyone takes advantage of the sunshine!  Happy hiking and don’t forget your sunglasses!

Snow shelter building with troop 272

Mitra Karimian
Adventure Guide

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