Greetings from the Maine Woods!

Warning!!!  This is not the Trail Conditions of Pinkham Notch!  I just had too much fun last week and wanted to share it with you who would appreciate it!!!   Stay tuned for the up-to-date Pinkham Trail Conditions tomorrow morning! 

One of the wonderful benefits of working for the Appalachian Mountain Club is the staff nights where they encourage us to get out of our own neck of the woods and experience other of the AMC facilities so that we can have first hand experience to pass on to you!

Caleb, Gabe, Joyce and Mike
So this past week my family and I headed into the Maine Woods and had an amazing three day backcountry ski between AMC's Little Lyford Pond Lodge and Cabins and Gorman Chairback Lodge.  My family loves to get out and do anything new and adventurous in the woods anyways, but the amenities of the camps made this outing just too, too much fun!  First they carry your heavy gear from camp to camp so you don't have to.  Then they heat up a cabin for your arrival.  They, of course, provide the famous AMC meals (with clean up) but wonder of wonders...we even had hot showers and saunas every night?  As backcountry backpackers it was hard to get our heads around everything we didn't have to do! 
Little Lyford at Breakfast
So I must say the nefarious plan is working!  I'm telling everyone to go...several of my friends whom I know would adore the time and, of course, all of you!!!  The ski trails were various (we did a road where we practiced our skills, a gorgeous river side trail, and then across a lake) and beautiful!  The snow was gloppy (oh well) so we just got out as early as possible in the morning and on the other hand, reveled in the warm temperatures!  And the camaraderie of the dinner table just rounded the days out completely with meeting new friends and sharing stories! 

The Lodge to Lodge Trail, early morning
 For those who would want to know, we started at the Winter Parking Lot and took the KI road to Little Lyford Pond.  It was wide and allowed us to get good turn practicing in!  We took a quick run down to Little Lyford Pond the next morning and then took the complete lodge-to-lodge trail, which swung by a frozen river and then wandered over a number of little forest knolls before coming down next to Long Pond and Gorman Chairback.  For our final day we chose to cross Long Pond on the tree-marked trail for the experience of it and highly enjoyed the greater vistas of the open spaces!  We finished by following the Trout Brook Trail back to our car.

Check it out!  It's a great time!!!  Feel free to call me here for more of my impressions or to call AMC Reservations (603-466-2727) for more details on how these wonderful places work!  Enjoy!!!

Joyce Scott
Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham NotchVisitor Center

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