It's Still White!

     Despite all the forecasting of chance of "R", it has been snow coming out of the sky on us daily!  It is heavy stuff and somewhat clumpy creating frozen crunchy stuff with the overnight freezing patterns BUT it is still white!!!  It's been one to two inches maximum per day here in the Notch so that whether a trail is packed out or not is truly up in the air.  If no one has been on it for a week, in the upper elevations you could have a cumulative 6 inches or so on the trail.  If someone tramped it yesterday, you may have only 1/2 inch!  Check out our regional trail conditions to get a slightly more specific idea of what you might find out there and as always you can call us here (6034668116) and pick our brains for what we know!

Photo by Rob Rives
    Folks have been enjoying our backcountry skiing trails including the John Sherburne and the Gulf of Slides although they too have some pretty slick crusty areas.  For the last couple of days there has not been a lot of activity in the Ravines due to Considerable avalanche danger but we definitely have had people peaking into Tuckerman's to see if they can have a go at the Bowl!  Be advised we still only have 58 inches of snow in the Ravine so any skiing you are able to get in even when avalanche conditions are amenable will not be long sweeping runs yet!  Avalanche danger is down to Moderate today but please still take that rating can be deceptive!  The ability to assess avalanche danger on your own is a highly important skill to have!  Check the Avalanche Bulletin for today's details.
Photo by Rob Rives
      The biggest obstacle of the moment with backcountry skiing and snowshoeing is clumpiness with these warm days so you may want to stop by here and pick up some Easy Glide to make it a more enjoyable experience! 
      LOTS of folks are taking advantage of the warm temperatures and low winds to summit Mount Washington!  Which doesn't mean you should do it on a lark...please go with experience, caution, crampons, ice ax, and the knowledge to use them!!!  AND  be advised we still do not have 2 feet of snow above treeline to camp in.  But that said, a trip up above treeline could be a memorable trip right now!  If this appeals to you and you do NOT have the above mentioned experience, consider taking a winter mountaineering course and an avalanche course and getting some minor experience so that you can grab the good days as they come!  AMC has offerings every winter to help you in such a goal!
     Call AMC Reservations (6034662727)if you're ready to get up here and stay and enjoy your adventures!

Joyce Scott  
Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham Notch Visitor's Center

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