Today's the Day!

Tuckerman's and Washington at 6am
   It is BEAUTIFUL out there!!!  We've had gorgeous blue skies for two days now!  It's currently 34 degrees out here in Pinkham and the wind is blowing at just 9 miles per hour...just enough to remind you that it's still chilly but not enough to make you least down here in the Notch!  We still have quite the snow coverage in the Notch as well which you can see in the pictures!
Waking up to Alpenglow at Pinkham!

      Avalanche conditions in Tuckerman's yesterday were Moderate and Lowand the snow pack is at 69 inches.  They were still recommending caution and careful assessment for all skiers but folks were tentatively entering the Ravine so the day is coming!  We do not have this morning's avalanche report yet, but you have reason to be optimistic!
      Down lower the conditions are great!  Packed powder is the rule of most of our trails right now and people out there are skiing with ear to ear grins on.  Snowshoers are finding all sorts of trails they can actually still use their snowshoes on and ice climbers are finding happy ice!  The one question I can't answer for you yet is whether you still need snowshoes above treeline or not.  There is 33 inches of accumulation on the summmit of Mt. Washington but whether its packed down or packed out has not yet been reported.  If you are looking to summit, I would at least have them ready in the car along with your prerequisite crampons and ice ax!
     This all said, there are some very warm temperatures and rain in the forecast for the valleys and possibly coming in tonight.  We're not supposed to accumulate either a lot of snow up high or rain down below but it will change our geography and our quality of snow to some extent.  If you can get up here before that comes in you should be really really happy!  If not, stay tuned...
     As always, be sure to consider staying trail side before your excursions and adventures!  Call AMC Reservations (6034662727) to book a stay at either the Joe Dodge Lodge here in Pinkham Notch or the Highland Center in Crawford Notch!

Joyce Scott
Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham Notch Visitor's Center