We Have Survived!

     Well the temperature has definitely dropped since yesterday but it's not frigid!  Wind has died down, standing water has greatly dried up, and there is still snow on the ground!  Down in the valleys there are great patches of ground showing however we are reporting 14 inches of snow still here at our snow stake! 

Mushy Snow and Microspikes!
        For the moment however I would consider the world in that fun transition period between winter and spring. If heading to the woods today or tomorrow I would pack Microspikes and put the snowshoes on the back of the pack because its going to be very difficult to know what you are going to encounter on the ground. Areas where the snow has been hard packed, it could very well be mushy or rotten today and NOT fun to post hole through! I would also vere far away from any stream crossings as they could be particularly difficult today with cold waters exposed, vast amounts of run off still, and slippery ground galore! Both Zealand and Lonesome are reporting particularly hard stream crossings on some of their access trails!
      The Avalanche Danger in the Ravines has come down to Low and Tux still has 50 inches of snow but I don't know if that leaves you any good skiing today or not!  The Sherburne is reported as a combination of mushy and icy!  Hmmm.  In general I think I would head to front country both nordic centers and alpine resorts to enjoy groomed trails today.  There is snow in the forecast so you do not have to throw the towel in yet on back country but you may want to wait a day or two first!
Dark on the Right but Lighter on the Left!
      If you're willing to be flexible on footwear however, you have the potential for a great day in the woods today!  We are under mostly cloudy (but that also means partly sunny!) skies and the temperatures are in the 30s here in the Notch!
      As the season begins to change, be particularly mindful of hypothermia!  With temperatures still cold but precipitation turning to rain, the possibilities of becoming wet and VERY cold mount.  Bring several good wicking layers so you can change if necessary and make sure your weather gear is in great condition!
         As I said there is snow in the forecast, both for the summits and in the valleys, so you winter warriors do have cause to remain optimistic!  As always feel free to call us (6034668116) to discuss specific possibilities and if you'd like to get up here and be ready to enjoy the weekend, call Reservations at 6034662727!!!

Joyce Scott
Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham Notch Visitors' Center

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