Mount Jackson in the Mist!

The Willey Range from Mt Jackson
    You should have seen the Peabody River after last week's rain!!! If I hadn't been late for work, I
View from Bugle Cliff
would have taken a picture for you all but suffice it to say it was dramatic!  We had 4 inches of rain in Pinkham Notch the night before and the summit of Mt Washington received 2.79 inches.  This has been our pattern as of late...if we get rain, we seem to get a LOT of rain and the rivers run towards flood levels.  We had flash flood warnings going idea if any actually came about or not but here is the upshot for you the hiker!  Many of the rock hopper rivers immediately after one of these downpours become not passable.  Many of the huts will report to us in the morning if their rivers are high and you can check Trail
Waterfall on Silver Cascade
Conditions to see if there is any information from them.  Other than that, immediately after a rain you are welcome to call here or the Highland Center to see what we've seen or heard!  Within 12-24 hours the waters are generally down and we are back to our normal!  You can access the weather coming up at
     I was able to get out before the rain hit!  We had mist and little showers but they were a nice way to keep our heat down while climbing.  I was able to get a full day hike in with my boys who are working on their 4000 footers...we did the Webster Jackson Loop!  Its a well used loop based on the width of the trail but we got out early enough in the morning that we had a significant amount of time all to ourselves.  We hiked past the side trail to Elephant Head but took a little break at the Bugle Cliff.  Bugle Cliff overlooks the Depot and northern Crawford Notch.  It's only a mile up the trail so you still have significant noise from the highway BUT it's also easily accessible for youngins!  Soon after Bugle Cliff we began crossing over rivulets and streams.  This made for copious bugs but there were also some beautiful cascades and
Jackson Cone from the top of the Ridge
flumes which would make for some good swimming!  Wildflowers of the day were  Bunchberries and some I think are called Star Flowers.  We ascended up the Webster Branch to the ridge line, a route far enough away from the road to finally allow for that wonderful peaceful woods feeling, but also steep enough to get your heart racing!  Once on the ridge we turned left towards Jackson.  The ridge alternated between more rock scrambles and some incredibly easy walking on bog bridges surrounded by grass.  The cone of Jackson is quite the challenge!!!  I had hiked this mountain twice before but for whatever reason I remembered those nice bog bridges
more than the ledges.  The ledges are fun but they are definitely not bog bridges!  We had a wonderful lunch break on the summit flirting with the Canadian Jays and then we headed down the Jackson Branch of the trail.  More challenging scrambles to get down the cone.  The AMC Professional Trail Crew was stirring up some mud as they installed water bars but the mud will soon be dry and we will be all be way better off for their efforts!  Thank you so much Trail Crew!!!
     Snow is ALMOST gone up in Tuckerman Ravine!  I think today is it folks!!!  However...we did see some skis and boots making the pilgrimage with hikers in tow TODAY!  Today is July 1 and now those intrepid souls will be able to say they have skied Tucks in July!  Congratulations whoever you are!!!
      Webster Jackson is a great hike folks and I highly recommend it as a beginner hike for the season!  It's tough and you're going to use your climbing muscles but you complete less mileage than many of the 4000 footers!  May you have as nice weather as we had or even better!  You can find the hike in the White Mountain Guide and it's laid out on Map #1 The Presidential Range.
Canadian Jay

Mizpah Springs Hut from the summit of Mt Jackson


For any general questions, conditions information, or trail advice, please feel free to contact us here at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center front desk. We are available by phone at (603) 466-2721 every day from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM or by email at To make reservations at AMC Lodges and Huts, please call (603)466-2727 available Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm. Be sure to check weather conditions before you come and call us here with any questions! We'll see you up here! 

Happy Hiking!

Backcountry Information Specialist
Pinkham Notch Visitor Center

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